Jung, Jae-duk, the head chef of Dadam is a Korean traditional cuisine researcher.

Jung Jae-duk, the Head chef of Dadam

Great meal at gastronomy level requires the discipline to harmonize with nature and to cherish authentic recipes passed down for generations.

We strictly use local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients as well as high-quality artisanal fermented foods, and study the best way to cook each ingredient.

Dadam’s authenticity is rooted in the wisdom of our ancestors, and I believe craftsmanship and wellness becomes the identity of the dishes we present.


Jung Jae-duk is dedicated to a traditional Korean food
and has focused on discovering and preserving
the source of Korean culinary research
for the past 20 years.
By studying various categories as Korean temple foods,
royal cuisine, and noble family foods,
he poured in efforts to express the true flavors
that each ingredient holds.

Work Experience
  • Park Hyatt Seoul Korean Restaurant Chef de Partie, Korean Buddhist Jogye Order Temple Food
  • 'Balwoo Gongyang' Leading Chef,
  • youngest Master of temple foods by
    "Korea Masters Association“
  • KBS <The Secret of Health>, <Vitamin>,
    SBS <Korean Cuisine and Dining>
  • OliveTV <Master Chef Korea 2> among others.
Authored "Our Family's Temple Foods –
Delicious Vegetarian Meals" (2013)
  • 2014 Modern Food Exhibition Competition First Prize / Korean Food Foundation
  • 2014 Managed "Korea's Summer Night" Festival in Burgundy, France
  • 2014 Korea International Culinary Competition Grand Prize / Seoul Metropolitan Office
  • 2011 Selected as Korean Food Tourism Organization's Chapter 1 Section 4 Culinary Arts Specialist
  • 2010 Korea Culinary Competition Grand Prize / Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism
  • 2009 Food Design Olympics Culinary Competition Temple Foods Division Grand Prize / Seoul Metropolitan Office
  • 2008~9 Korea International Culinary Competition Grand Prize / Korea Food & Tourism Organization
  • 2000 Seoul International Culinary Competition First Prize / Korea Chef Association
  • 2000 Seoul International Culinary Competition Grand Prize / Korea Tourism Organization

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