Dadam brings back the basis of Korean food by presenting the fine taste of four seasons with fresh seasonal Ingredients grown in different regions of Korea
with a heart of Korean cuisine master to serve guest with sincere hospitality.

The beauty of enduring time

The depth of Korean flavor comes from
enduring value of fermentation.

Seeking for the wisdom of natural fermentation,
we travelled all around the local region
to find the best ‘Jang’ ingredients that are made with authentic artisan technique and pride.

Our ‘Jang’ selections include soybean paste
matured for 7 by Artisan Jang Master Lee Seung-hee, Mrs. Moon Ok-re's Sunchang red pepper paste
made with a recipe passed down for 7 generations,
and Jukjangyeon vintage soy-sauce fermented for
3 years on the edge of Taebaek Mountains.

And their authenticity is rooted in hundreds of years
of craft preparation and traditional artisan method.

The beauty of cherishing nature

Seasonal ingredients feature the energy of life
and its utmost flavors.

In commitment to realize seasons’ gift on a plate,
we are sourcing fresh seasonal ingredients
from local farms and vendors everyday.

Recipes made with rare and the finest heritage ingredients like Baekbong silky chicken, Jinju crippled wheat,
Southern coast hairy crab, and Jeju red-banded lobster bring the true flavors of the hidden foods of Korea.

The beauty of serving Korean elegancy

We believe Korean cuisine serves its best
when it resonates with Korean culture.

In collaboration with 'yido,' a disciplined pottery brand that crafts the beauty of Korean elegancy,
we celebrate the timeless heritage of Korean cuisine
and tradition.

As the founding concept was to inherit the ‘Dadam’ culture, our sommelier and servers are more than happy to enrich
our patrons’ dining experience with sincere hospitality.

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